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ABRA delivers a strange interpolation of Jagged Edge and Lumidee on “BACARDI.” Singer ABRA has been carving out an interesting sonic lane, and her latest single “Novacane” was an engaging and experimental foray into bass-heavy instrumentation.

Today, the singer who may or may not be named after a Pokemon is back with another brief loosie, and this one is even wilder than the last. While “Novacane” was largely an instrumental odyssey, “Bacardi” opts for a deliberately low-budget, garage-band aesthetic.

With an eighties drum machine dominating the mix, ABRA’s latest sounds sort of like what you might expect to find on an old-school exercise VHS tape.

The mix isn’t great, but it feels like a creative choice, an attempt of sorts to capture the no-fucks-given aesthetic of DIY punk-music.

Only rather than lamenting the flaws of the system, ABRA channels a thrift-store Michael Jackson as she pays homage to a few early millennium hits, like Jagged Edge’s “Where The Party At” and Lumidee’s “Uh Oh.”

It’s certainly an interesting song, but if you respect what she’s going for, you might very well dig this.

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