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Camila Cabello – Crying in the Club

“Crying in the Club” is the debut solo single by Cuban-American singer and songwriter Camila Cabello. It was originally released on May 19, 2017 as the lead single from her upcoming debut studio album The Hurting. The Healing. The Loving. (2018), but it was discarded from the album.

Its music video premiered the same date. The song was written by Cabello, Sia, and Benny Blanco. It is a mid-tempo tropical pop and dance track. It is her first release as a solo artist since her departure from the girl group Fifth Harmony.

The song is a fiery anthem about uplifting yourself after a downfall. Initially, this was supposed to be on her upcoming album, The Hurting, The Healing, The Loving. but recently, she has confirmed that it will not be included on the album.

To promote the song, Camila sent fans part of the cover art in order to complete and reveal the artwork. She will live to debut the track at the Billboard Music Awards 2017. She is also set to perform “I Have Questions” as a part of Xfinity Encore at the show.

Camila broke down the song ON AIR with Ryan Seacrest, saying:

For me, the club is kind of like a euphemism. The lyrics say stuff like “Let the music lift you up like you’ve never been this free, let the music lift you up like you’ve never been so high.“ I feel like for me, that was more of what the writing process and what the album making process was saying to me.

[What is it about this song which makes you feel like that you want your fans to hear this first?]

That was definitely part of the healing, this song. The lyrics are very hopeful, but the beat is very intense. I never just want to make a straight up happy song, it’s just not in my nature. The beat has this very intense, cathartic feeling about it. It was kinda like what the writing process was saying to me. So of the lyrics are “Let the music lift you up, like you’ve never been so high. Let the music lift you up, like you’ve never been this free.” It felt like what this album and this music was.

– Camila Cabello for Beats 1

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