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Chris Brown – Only 4 Me ft. Ty Dolla Sign & Verse Simmonds

Breezy season incoming. Chris Brown has released yet another single from his upcoming epic project Heartbreak On A Full Moon, this time featuring Ty Dolla $ign and Verse Simmonds.

The multi-talented singer has already dropped a few bangers from the project, including “Confidence,” and “High End,” which features Future and Young Thug, and early consensus indicates that Heartbreak’s sonic direction is promising.

However, it’s hard to say that the album will have a singular sonic direction at all. With forty-five tracks, there’s bound to be an amalgamation of Breezy’s myriad styles, and while that might prove overwhelming for some, others will rejoice at the absolute shitload of new Chris Brown.

While “Confidence” proved to be sensual and low-key, “Only 4 Me” is a definitive banger. Over a bouncy beat, Chris Brown sets things off with a sexually charged chorus, painting an evocative picture of a wild one-night stand with a stripper: “Faces in my pillowcase, mascara on my sheets, sheets, she shake it for the money, she shake it like a freak.” Clearly, Chris Brown is not one to discriminate based on the choice of employment.

In fact, he seems positively inclined toward the stripping crowd, provided they hook him up with the occasional private show.

Ty Dolla $ign picks up where Breezy left off, flaunting his game and showing total disregard for any potential boyfriend in the mix. “I ain’t gon’ gass you up, girl, but that ass on fire,” raps Ty. “I know you got a man, but fuck that n***a nine.”

Overall, the subject matter is what it is, but the trio holds it down effectively enough to keep things entertaining. By the time Chris closes out the track with a tale of alcohol-fueled infidelity, the penultimate Heartbreak cut may be too deeply embedded within your head to judge.

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