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Hopsin – Witch Doctor

Hopsin delivers “Witch Doctor” off of his forthcoming album. Hopsin’s slowly regaining his momentum and returning back to the scene. Recently, he’s been promoting his forthcoming album No Shame with press runs and loose singles. He recently delivered the controversial video for “Happy Ending” which later got removed off of YouTube for it’s offensive content. Today, he returns with “Witch Doctor.”

If there’s one thing about Hopsin, you pretty much know what you’re getting from him with each release. However, this one is a bit more experimental compared to some of his other efforts. He has a more melodic and musical approach with this one, dabbling with more melodies and a more left-field choice of production.

The production on “Witch Doctor” has a bongos as a main focus on the track while an escalating piano progression and heavy kicks back it up. Meanwhile, Hopsin kicks his same aggressive flows addressing his issues with the rap industry and rap trends throughout.

It’s definitely an interesting single that builds curiosity around what he might have in store on his upcoming album. Hopsin might actually be on his way to deliver a solid project. This is the first project he’ll drop after leaving the Funk Volume family and dropping under his newly established Undercover Prodigy indie label. On top of that, he revealed today that he penned a deal with 300 Entertainment.

He started the album’s roll out with “The Purge” which was the first piece of music we’ve received from him in a long time. Since then, he’s dropped several other tracks that will likely end up on his forthcoming album. He’s already said the album will drop before Christmas and now he has a definitive date of November 24th for the album’s drop.

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