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Iggy Azalea – Going Up ft. LJay Currie

Iggy Azalea and Ljay Currie get together for “Going Up.” Iggy Azalea’s been quite on a musical tip this year. The Aussie rapper was supposed to drop her album in June but that never surfaced. This morning, she revealed on Twitter that she isn’t allowed to drop new music until 2018 due to signing to a new label.

She also revealed that she’s changed the title of her album from Digital Distortion to Surviving the Summer. However, she decided to drop a little four track collection of songs called 4 My Ratz to hold fans over until the new year which includes the song “Going Up” featuring Ljay Currie.

Iggy Azalea drops off a celebratory new anthem for her latest single. It’s a poppy-rap anthem that fits into what Iggy Azalea’s mold of what she usually does. The production was done by Ljay Currie who also contributes vocals. Ljay slides onto the record first and delivers a solid blend of both rapping and singing that teeters towards R&B.

Iggy holds down the hook and the rest of the song, flexing her melodies on the chorus while hitting a triplet flow during her flows. The two of them celebrate the come-up and the difficulties they’ve faced.

Iggy’s had an interesting come up and with everything that’s happened within her career, this song sounds like she’s finally in a more comfortable position.

Along with this single, she also dropped off “Good,” “Never Satisfied,” and “Hate On It.” Each one of the songs so a level of maturity and comfort in her sound.

It seems like she’s in a better place with music so maybe she may deliver a solid project with Surviving the Summer.

Ljay Currie seems to be working with her a lot and the two have shown great chemistry on wax with these four tracks.

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