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Kid Ink – Annabelle ft. Hardhead

Kid Ink & Hardhead bring spooky vibes on “Annabelle.” Kid Ink’s been on a roll this past year. After the release of 7 Series, he went harder and started dropping loose singles at a consistent rate. Now, with Halloween nearing, it only makes sense that he drops his haunting new single “Annabelle” featuring Hardhead.

“Annabelle” is an appropriately titled anthem for the season. With Halloween striking at midnight, his latest single pays homage to the 2014 horror film of the same name. Kid Ink opens up the track with an interpolation of the “1,2 Freddy’s coming for you” before diving into the bars.

It’s a spooky anthem that fits the Halloween spirit well and is definitely meant to serve on your Halloween party playlist at some point in the evening. While Kid Ink teeters closer to his rap than R&B style, his flow still has a melodic aspect to it. Meanwhile, Hardhead pulls up with some crisp bars and a much more straightforward flow on his verse.

Its a tight single and is definitely another joint that Kid Ink’s using to build the hype around whatever he decides to release next. The track was produced by MJ Nichols and Ric & Thadeus. They deliver the haunting backdrop for Kid Ink and Hardhead to go off on.

While he’s been dropping a steady stream of releasing music, it seems he may be on the way to deliver another installment of his 7 Series mixtape. After dropping the first one, he released a video for every single song on the project. He later mentioned he plans on dropping more installments to the series.

Hopefully, we get another one before the end of the year. However, he’s still delivered quite a bit of music this past year so it’s looking like he’s gearing up to have 2018 on smash.

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