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Kodie Shane – Kissing Pink

Kodie Shane comes through with her latest single “Kissing Pink.” Kodie Shane’s been on the rise this year. Many may not recognize her yet but she’s on her way to pop stardom. Currently, she serves as the first lady of Lil Yachty’s Sailing Team and other than Yachty, she’s probably the most notable member of the crew. Her most recent effort is her latest single “Kissing Pink.”

Kodie Shane’s latest effort is a step forward in her career. It stands out among her other releases. It’s calm, it’s sultry, it teeters further away from the “bubblegum trap” sound that her and Yachty have built their careers on. This particular single has a bedroom R&B feel to it and Kodie Shane takes a much more melodic, singing approach to it rather than rapping.

The production on the song is handled by GreyStonePark who brings a spacey, drugged out sound to the track. Meanwhile, Kodie Shane delivery is toned down and both of them bring a unique vibe to the song. It’s definitely another dope effort from Kodie and hopefully, we hear more music like this from her.

After releasing her Back From The Future mixtape this past August, Kodie’s made some power moves. Most recently, it was announced that she’d be one of the opening acts on Jhene Aiko’s upcoming tour in support of her TRIP album that just dropped. In addition to this, she’s delivered a steady stream of music after her project dropped.

At this point, Kodie Shane is gunning to be at the top and with the amount of work she’s put in, it’s definitely tangible. She’s only 19 years old, so there’s definitely a long way for her to go. However, she has a head start already.

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