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Lil Dicky – Freaky Friday ft. Chris Brown

“Freaky Friday” is a song that involves a crossover between Lil Dicky and Chris Brown.

The first verse is Lil Dicky speaking as Chris Brown and the second verse is Chris Brown living as Lil Dicky. Both artists choose different things to take advantage of while living the other person’s life.

The song is a nod to the movie Freaky Friday that was released in 1976 and remade in 2003. The movie created this premise where a girl and her mother switch places in order to experience each-others’ lives.

Lil Dicky released the music video on his 30th birthday, which gave him high hopes for its success.

So it all started with I was sitting at home, in suburban Philadelphia at my parents’ house, watching TV, as everything usually starts. And Freaky Friday, the movie [with Lindsay Lohan] was on TV and it’s a classic. […] So I was just watching it and I thought to myself “Oh my God, this is such a… imagine if you did this with music, like imagine if I had access to another artist’s vocal chords and their range.” […] So I knew in my mind that I was gonna do some sort of body-switch-idea on this next album.

– Lil Dicky in an interview with Big Boy TV

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