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Lupe Fiasco – KJazz

The rapper’s second song released this weekend. Lupe Fiasco’s “KJazz,” released hours after “Black Power L Word,” is one of his wordier tracks, which coming from someone striving to be the greatest lyricist of all time, is saying a lot.

The song itself is under 2 minutes long and only contains one verse, but Lupe manages to pack in a whole lot of syllables in a short time. A jazz sample paired with driving boom bap drums soundtrack the rapper’s tightly-packed rhymes that travel through Chicago rap history, at times recalling Common’s cadence.

It’s one of many tracks Lupe has released over the course of 2017, a year which began with the release of DROGAS: LIGHT, and the promise of more projects to come. Last we heard, DROGAS: WAVE was the next project to expect, but Fiasco let fans know that it would no longer be coming within the year in an announcement on Twitter in September.

It’s unclear if his latest string of releases will eventually appear on a project or will remain as standalone tracks. Both of the rapper’s new songs were released in video form on his Twitter account.

Last week, Lupe publicly announced a goal to be remembered as the greatest lyricist of all time. “When it comes 2 lyrics (which is the ONLY thing I care about) you’d be very hard pressed 2say I’m not one of the best ever #TBE for real,” he said.

“I have nearly every accolade there is to have in the music business the only thing left is to be the GOAT Lyricist & that’s the pace I’m on.” He also hared “All While Doing A Rubik’s Cube One-Handed,” a freestyle over Jay-Z’s “Marcy Me” that was inspired by the Rolling Loud incident where Lil B was jumped by A Boogie and his crew.

Listen to “Black Power L Word,” released yesterday, here.

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