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Maxo Kream – Bussdown

Maxo Kream delivers another promising track. Houston rapper Maxo Kream is back to prove his standing in the hip-hop game. His new track “Bussdown” shows his impressive flow and delivery on the Wlderness produced beat that hears Maxo finding new ways to describe gangsta life.

The last we heard from Maxo was on the Lil Uzi Vert assisted track “Mars.” Maxo’s humour in his lyricism shined through on the beat where the two rapped about Xannies and Lean.

Some past tracks that stand out for the rapper are “Grannies” and “5200.” No word on any upcoming project for Maxo, but fans can rest easy with “Bussdown” until another single or tape is released.

Listen and tell us what you think!

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