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Mick Jenkins – Vampire In Brooklyn

Mick Jenkins comes through with a Halloween treat. It’s been a few months since we’ve received new music from Mick Jenkins. The Chicago rapper hasn’t released much music this year but he did hint that he’d be dropping two projects over the course of 2017.

Thus far, we’ve yet to receive one but we got a bunch of dope guest verses from him as well as a few loose singles. Today, he delivers a new single with “Vampire In Brooklyn.” Mick Jenkins’ latest release is tame and serene. With a descending keyboard sample and some dusty drums, he comes through with his vivid storytelling on “Vampire In Brooklyn.”

The production on this track was handled by GreenSLLIME who comes through with an underground, jazzy beat. Meanwhile, Jenkins’ flow slides over the production smoothly and his low vocal tone on the track helps set the tone well. It’s a solid release from Mick Jenkins, especially considering we haven’t really got much music from him recently. The last time he dropped something was two months a go with “A Layover.”

It was less than two weeks a go when Mick Jenkins’ said he’d deliver Another Mickstape this month. October’s pretty much done at this point and he’s yet to deliver but with the release of “Vampire In Brooklyn,” it may be coming in the early parts of November.

During the Instagram live session where he revealed the sequel to his 2012 mixtape would arrive, it also showed a few tracks that’ll be included on the tracklist. “Vampire In Brooklyn” was one of them as well as other titles such as “Small Circle,” “German Chocolate,” “Energies,” “U Turn,” & “Rags.”

Hopefully, this ends up being just the beginning of his full reveal. Lord knows we’ve been waiting on another Mick Jenkins’ project.

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