Miguel – Sky Walker ft. Travis Scott

Sky Walker is Miguel’s newest single, his most recent single since 2 Lovin U with DJ Premier. The song has heavy pop culture references to Movies and actors such as Star Wars and Top Gun. The song features rapper and producer Travis Scott. It’s his most recent feature since Know no better.

The singer explained what this song is all about;

A lot of people don’t know me for that side of my personality. When I come into the studio, I’m likely to put a lot of pressure on myself to say something that’s really personal or unique or that will get the conversation started.

I don’t think my fans know this fun side of me. It was a different spirit in the studio that day, and that’s exciting.

The energy was right and because it was fun the song wrote itself all the way through.

I did it with Happy Perez, who’s a friend of mine. We’ve been collaborating for yes, since my first album. He did “Sure Thing.” We’re super comfortable. We can fuck around and create shit all day.

DOWNLOAD Miguel – Sky Walker ft. Travis Scott

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