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Miguel – Told You So

Miguel is back with a new single. In September, Miguel hit up the Stephen Colbert show to announce his fourth studio album War And Leisure. The album, which is set to drop on December 1st, will follow up the singer’s 2015 project WILDHEART.

Today, his new single “Told You So” has surfaced in select international markets, following drops of the Travis Scott assisted “Sky Walker” and “Shockandawe.” So far, each of Miguel’s singles have featured a distinct sonic vibe, and this latest track is a departure from the moody atmosphere of “Sky Walker.”

In fact, Miguel’s latest seems to be heavy on the eighties vibe, coming through a dance-friendly radio record. It’s somewhat reminiscent of some of Pharrell Williams or Bruno Mars’ more commercial efforts.

Driven by an infectious synth bass, Miguel delivers some carefree vocals as he sings “I already know you and your ways, and all that you desire, I don’t want to control you, I came to set you free.”

A noble intention, to be sure. It’s cool to see how Miguel is able to switch up the style with every single, while maintaining his own cohesive sound. Plus, he’s one of the more consistent names in today’s RnB scene, continuously able to find ways in which he can excite and engage both loyal and new listeners.

As for War And Leisure, Miguel has shared the official album artwork on Instagram, which you can see below. It’s a different look than his last album cover for Wildheart, which found the singer posing buck-ass nude, holding an equally nude woman amidst a nebulous mass of clouds.

This time around, Miguel has decided to keep it simple, opting for a dapper, yet colorful outfit, lying back on the sand. What do you think about Miguel’s latest effort? Are you looking forward to this album? Sound off below.

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