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Pell – Chirpin’

Pell drops off his latest single. Pell’s been hard at work all through 2017. The rapper’s gearing up to drop his upcoming project, girasoul, next month.

The rapper hasn’t dropped off too much music this year but with the amount of precision and detail he puts into his music, girasoul will definitely be worth it. Today, he drops off his latest single off the project “chirpin.”

Pell’s latest single blends blends a calm and serene production while he hits it off with a trap flow on the hook. The rapper details his frustration with social media and having a cell phone while having so many things to do.

In the digital era, we live with such a short attention span that’s largely due to the fact that we continuously spend time dealing with phones and computers.

Pell addresses these distractions at a time while trying to wrap up his upcoming project. It’s a catchy single that relates to the world’s current state.

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