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Pries – Roof On Fire

Pries releases “Roof On Fire” in anticipation of his upcoming album. In case you missed it, Denver rapper Pries is releasing his brand new album Super Sega on Sunday, November 5th. In anticipation, Pries will be releasing a string of b-sides that didn’t ultimately make the album.

As the album is dropping in three days, that means three new Pries joints, including the first of the bunch, “Roof On Fire.” And no, it’s not a take on the popular chant. Instead, Pries comes through on a smooth, bouncy beat, which feels decidedly more upbeat than the majority of that modern trap sound.

The chord progression is far from minor, and Pries sounds absolutely thrilled with the way his life is heading. And why wouldn’t be? After all, dude has an album coming out imminently, the weed is good, and the women are feeling the kid. Ultimately, “Roof On Fire” feels like a victory lap.

“Not for nothing I’m onto something I’m winning, Money over thot bitches but nothing under good women,” raps Pries, “out in LA for business so much fire in the hills, met a porn star yesterday, almost fucked just for the thrills.” Despite Pries’ clear love of the fairer sex, it feels as if his true passion is rolling that loud.

It makes sense, as he is a Colorado emcee after all. And while his earlier music may have celebrated some of the same themes as “Roof On Fire,” there lies a palpable difference. Now, Pries has the voice of experience under his built, and that goes a long way.

If you’re feeling this, be sure to stay tuned for tomorrow’s drop. Remember, Super Sega drops on Sunday, and while that’s an unconventional time for an album to be released, there’s probably a method to the madness. Either way, we’ll be getting even more Pries music as a result, and that’s never a bad thing.

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