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R-Mean – H.O.P.E.

“Mean Monday” is back. It’s currently the 45th week of R-Mean’s ongoing “Mean Mondays” series, and by God, it looks like he’s actually going to pull this off. The rapper has been dropping new music every week for the past ten months or so, and now, continues full force into the incoming winter with his latest release.

The song, called “H.O.P.E.” is an optimistic and positive message, dedicated to “anyone going through domestic violence, sexual assault, depression, addiction or any other struggle.” In fact, Mean signifies that the acronym in the title stands for “Hold On, Pain Ends.” It would appear he’s taking a page out of Logic’s book for this one.

Over a melancholic beat, R-Mean showcases some storytelling chops as he recounts tales of domestic abuse, channeling Lupe Fiasco on “Intruder Alert,” as he speaks on the dynamic of an abusive relationship.

“She don’t know what to do, and no one else got a clue, but if you have a child just know this shit’s affecting him too,” raps Mean, praying for victims to find the strength to save themselves.

He continues in the subsequent verses, setting things off with his own former preconceived notions of suicide. “I used to think that suicide’s for the weak and the selfish, I used to the think depression’s not a disease in itself cause I used to underestimate the darkness in the mind of a person that’s burning with self hatred and feeling helpless.”

He continues weaving these tragic narratives, but it’s not for the sake of celebrating sadness. Quite the opposite in fact, as R-Mean reminds everyone struggling that things are always destined to get better.

The song’s positive message comes through in the song’s chorus, in which R-Mean busts out the vocal skills. If you’re feeling down about yourself, consider throwing this one on.

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