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R-Mean – Smoke Smoke ft. AD

R-Mean comes through with AD for week 44 of “Mean Mondays.” At this point, Monday doesn’t only mean the start of a new week but it’s a guaranteed delivery of fresh music from R-Mean. Throughout the whole year, he’s dropped a new song every Monday and has yet to skip a week so far.

We may only have a few more weeks left in the year but it seems that R-Mean still has more heat to come. Today, he links up with AD for the stoner anthem “Smoke Smoke.” R-Mean’s brought an interesting mixture of sounds over the course of his “Mean Monday” series. He’s dabbled in some club tracks, some backpack rapper stuff and everything in between.

With “Smoke Smoke,” he recruits Compton’s AD for a chill, party joint to smoke a fat blunt to on your Monday. R-Mean comes through with a melodic, laid back chorus before jumping into some heavy bars. His flow is smooth and relaxed during his verses. However, when AD comes through, it’s another level of energy. The tone of his voice mixed with his abrasive L.A. gangsta rap flows makes this a stand-out single out of the “Mean Monday” series.

While there’s only a few weeks left in the series, it seems like he’s about to cap off the year with pure fire. The single was produced by Ivan Based and Viruss Beats. Viruss’ had a long-standing relationship with R-Mean, even producing numerous tracks off of the “Mean Monday” series.

Now that the year’s nearly ending, it’ll be interesting to see what he gets up to next year. A highly prolific run over the course of a year is hard to match up to but R-Mean clearly has no shortage of tunes. It’s just a matter of where his next batch of music will end up going.

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