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Rexx Life Raj – Forever Lit ft. G-Eazy

Rexx Life Raj and G-Eazy go in on “Forever Lit.” Rexx Life Raj may be no stranger to the introspective track, but every once in a while, the Berkeley rapper simply wants to lyrically spaz.

And that’s exactly what he gets to do on his new single “Forever Lit,” which finds The Beautiful And Damned emcee G-Eazy coming through for some verbal sparring.

Over a percussive instrumental from JULiA LEWiS & Mikos Da Gawd, Rexx proclaims he’s back on his “fuck everybody again,” cause “they don’t give you your credit when the credit is due.”

The track is set to appear on Rexx Life Raj’s upcoming album Father Figure 2: Flourish, which features appearances from Russ and Iman Europe.

With an album of his own set to drop, G-Eazy holds down the second verse, kicking it off with a smooth flow and some nice multis. “I’m forever lit you never lit,” raps Gerald, “everyday I’m drippin’ sauce eggs Benedict, I only lift a finger if I benefit.”

If you’re feeling this, stay tuned for Father Figure 2 on November 17th, and G-Eazy’s The Beautiful And Damned on December 15th.

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