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Rita Ora – Anywhere

Listen to Rita Ora’s new single “Anywhere.” Looking to build off the success from her first single Your Song,” Rita Ora decides to come though today and share the latest single from her forthcoming album called “Anywhere.”

Co-written by Andrew Watt, “Anywhere” is a somber & EDM-friendly pop-record that finds Rita singing about wanting to escape to “anywhere.” “I know we’ve got to get away,” she sings. “Some place where no one knows our name / We’ll find the start of something new.”

“I was in a routine, working every day, and found myself day dreaming about breaking out of the city and going on a road trip with my friends and never looking back,” the singer said in a statement. “This is pop at its sweetest, most persuasive form of escapism.”

The record was accompanied by a new music video on Friday as well, which finds Rita taking over Times Square, surrounded by fans who rally behind her. Dressed in an array of fashionable outfits, the British pop star struts through Chinatown, a restaurant, and busy streets of NYC with balloons, all while singing about her desire to get away.

The record itself is expected to see life on her forthcoming album, which is due out in early 2018.

Take a listen to the new single & let us know what you think. If you’re a fan show your support on iTunes. Look for Rita to host & perform at this year’s MTV EMA’s on November 12th.

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