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Smino – Anita Remix ft. T-Pain

T-Pain blesses Smino’s “Anita” for the remix. Earlier this year, St Louis rapper Smino delivered his debut album blkswn, which featured one of his breakout singles “Anita.” Since then, the rapper has been blowing up, and his hard work was rewarded with an opening slot on T-Pain’s ongoing acoustic tour.

Fans lucky enough to catch them in action are in for a treat, as both Smino and T-Pain consistently come through with a heavy dose of soulful melodies and sharp lyricism. Clearly, both artists felt the musical chemistry was too good to pass, and together they teamed up to deliver an official remix to “Anita.”

In fact, the remix has become a staple in T-Pains set; the Florida icon has taken to bringing Smino out for a closing rendition of “Anita.” Luckily, the fan favorite live track has landed an official studio version, complete with a verse from T-Pain and an additional verse from Smino. In essence, “Anita” remains the soulful banger it always was, but this time around, T-Pain sets things off with an excellent verse.

People are so quick to associate T-Pain with autotune that they forget he can actually spit bars, and “Anita” is a welcome reminder. “We ain’t talkin’ that leavin’ and walkin’ back, what kind of dude you think I is?” raps Pain, “we got spunk we can light up the dutch just like a bucket of electric eels.”

After T-Pain shuts it down, Smino delivers a short, albeit memorable new verse, including these lyrical gems – “stay on the ginger like Kool-aid, can’t shoot me down bitch I’m Luke Cage.” Overall, if you were feeling the original, the remix is most definitely worth a spin; it’s different enough to feel like they put effort in crafting it, while still maintaining the best qualities of the OG. For more Smino, check out our interview below.

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