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Smokepurpp – Droptop

Smokepurpp’s “Droptop” finds him firmly in his comfort zone. This afternoon, Smokepurpp dropped off three previously unreleased tracks, “Bih,” “Can’t Pick Up,” and “Droptop.”

While “Bih” is generally forgettable, and “Can’t Pick Up” is catchy and enjoyable, “Droptop” sits somewhere in the middle, with Purpp phoning it in over a nice beat from Soundboi.

You can sort of see why they were left off DEADSTAR, as “Droptop” sort of floats around aimlessly, finding Purpp dropping off lines with an autotune drenched verse.

That’s not to say it’s unpleasant, but Purpp has set the bar higher with the release of songs like “Fingers Blue,” so when he drops off something like this it’s easy to write it off as a b-side.

On the other hand, the Deadstar game actually looks pretty fun, and if you ever wanted to control a floating rendition of Smokepurpp’s head while avoiding ghosts and gravestones, today may very well be your lucky day. Check out “Droptop” now, and let me know if I’m trippin on this one.

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