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T-Pain – Straight

T-Pain continues to kill the game on his new song “Straight.” T-Pain has been one of the most consistent and influential artists in the game, delivering countless hits and pioneering the birth of an autotune-based sound, which many young artists have adopted.

Yet people forget that Pain is an OG, and when it comes time to put respect on his name, there are some with short memories. Now, T-Pain has come through with a reminder for all the doubters, his fifth studio album Oblivion.

And while the project boasts plenty of bangers, “Straight” stands out as an immediate highlight, showcasing T-Pain’s diverse skillset at both melodies and spitting bars.

Over a high-tempo instrumental, T-Pain dumbs out with some hilariously crude lyrics, spitting “what the fuck your man gon’ do, when he see my hands on you? Cause bro let tell you somethin, I done came all in that bellybutton.” Yikes.

Still, the uninhibited glee with which Pain paints a picture is nothing short of spectacular. Be sure to check out Oblivion now, and remember, he started this autotune shit.

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