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Ty Dolla Sign – Droptop In The Rain ft. Tory Lanez

A dynamic vocal performance from Ty and Tory. Ty Dolla $ign’s Beach House 3 is part of many timelines. It’s the third installment in the singer’s beloved Beach House mixtape trilogy, which hasn’t seen a release since 2013. It’s his second studio album, following 2014’s Free TC, but comes after 2016’s Campaign, which was simply billed as a project.

However you categorize the project, it seems like a success. Packed with hooks, potential singles, string arrangements, experimental interludes and solo ballads, there’s something for every Ty fan. “Droptop In The Rain” is one of the early highlights from the project, and once again it gives you everything you want from the West Coast crooner without ever becoming predictable.

The central simile of the song is the kind of ‘did he really just say that?’ lyric that Ty has been giving us since the first Beach House, but the delicate falsetto slipped into the hook makes it read like poetry. Once he breaks into a descending post-chorus that comes out of nowhere and maybe the stickiest melody in the song, it’s already cemented itself as a Ty classic. Tory Lanez’ provides a stark vocal contrast, entering with a high-register whisper that sounds as fragile as it does precisely.

Ty Dolla Sign recently explained the decision to title the project Beach House 3 in an interview with 97.9 The Box. “Beach House to me means success,” he said. “My parents used to take me, my brother & sister by this lot in Bernice, California, which is like a little beach community. We would get out on the property and my mom would daydream ‘this where the bedroom is, this where the kitchen is,’ but long story short when my parents broke up I never forgot about that, so when I made my first mixtape I never lost the dream of that beach house.”

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