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Tyga – Tequila Kisses

Tyga just added his latest single to the “Bugatti Raw” tracklist. Since departing from the Kardashian/Jenner clan, Tyga’s spent less time in headlines and more time in the studio. He’s previously admitted that the family made him reevaluate his approach to music. Thankfully, he’s back in the booth and has dished out a lot more music this year.

Most recently, he dropped off his Bugatti Raw mixtape in October which served as his second project in the past few months. He seems to have more music in the cut because he just dropped off “Tequila Kisses,” a song that’s just been added to the Bugatti Raw tracklist.

“Tequila Kisses” is the latest effort from Tyga. It’s less on his rapping side and teeters over to his crooning, R&B efforts. Tyga still finds himself flexing the finer things in life while expressing his infatuation for whatever love interest he has in his life currently.

The production has bits of 90’s R&B soft keys but backed by crisp rolling hi hats and clear snares. His singing efforts are carried mainly by the auto-tune but it works on this song. It’s a solid effort from Tyga and definitely a great addition to the project.

Aside from his recent musical ventures, Tyga’s been dabbling with other ventures. It was announced in the summer that he’d join the cast of the renewed Scream anthology series on for MTV. The rapper will be taking on a lead role of Jamal, a good kid who ends up mingling with the wrong crowd.

It’ll serve as his first regular series role and he’ll actually be acting alongside Biggie Smalls son, CJ Wallace. The show is scheduled to air on March 2018 so it’ll be very interesting to see if Tyga’s acting chops serve a classic franchise justice.

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