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TYuS – My Heart

The Portland crooner returns with new tunes. Without drawing any specific comparison, Portland’s resident crooner TYuS should be a household name by now. But in music, we all know that everyone’s moment will come when it’s meant to, so we’ll leave that there. A little over a week ago, he debuted his “Anything’s Possible” single and soon followed it up with “2SoulsIntertwine,” breaking his nearly 3-month long period of silence on the music side of things.

Now, he’s returned once more with another track titled “My Heart.” In his true fashion, the result is a lush new-age R&B cut in which TYuS’ vocals find their home with no effort in sight. The theme remains the same as he directs his lyrics to a woman of interest, sporting lyricism that seamlessly vacillates between the ordinary and poetic. “

Baby we can do things then we could do things you know I / I been on you for a minute lady,” he sings. “Baby we can do things you probably knew things from Most High / Not religious but you’ve got strong beliefs you go by.” Fingers crossed, let’s hope that this consistent stream of tracks points to a forthcoming project from the singer.

The last time we got a full-length effort was last year with the rolling out of his debut Never Forget project, which housed such cuts as “Stay,” and his “My Way” breakout. Since then, we been held over with a few loose tracks, including his “Between Us” remix with 21 Savage, and a music video or two. But judging from his social media movements, we’re willing to bet that he’s got something up his sleeve for us in the near future. Let’s just hope that means very soon.

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