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U2 – American Soul ft. Kendrick Lamar

U2 grabs Kendrick Lamar once again for “American Soul.” U2 and Kendrick Lamar are the unlikely duo nobody really expected to work together. After U2 joined Kung Fu Kenny on his critically acclaimed DAMN., he returned the favor with an outro on “Get Out Of Your Own Way.” Now, he joins them once again for another cut off their upcoming album with “American Soul.”

Kendrick had a small contribution on “Get Out Of Your Own Way,” providing a short but effective spoken word piece at the end of the song. On “American Soul,” he contributes in the same manner except for this time, he’s on the into.

The few words Kendrick does speak on this song continues on the same thoughts he had on “Get Out Of Your Own Way.” Bono also takes his contribution to Kendrick’s “XXX.” and uses it as the opening lines of the song.

Kendrick and U2 seem to have a pretty solid working relationship. It wouldn’t be surprising if Kendrick voice pops up throughout their upcoming album Songs of Experience.

DOWNLOAD U2 – American Soul Ft Kendrick Lamar

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