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Yung Lean – Skimask

Yung Lean delivers what he promises on “Skimask.” Yung Lean’s music may not be for everyone, but the Swedish rapper has undoubtedly evolved as an artist since he first swerved into North America. If you do happen to feel Lean’s music, the young rapper has already announced his upcoming project Stranger, set to drop on November 10th.

Stranger seems poised to be one of Leans’ most adventurous projects yet, and his lead single “Red Bottom Sky” impressed with its sparse, minimalist arrangement and beautiful melodies.

While early indications seemed that Lean would be pursuing a more subdued, melodic direction, he recently teased an upcoming “dark evil club anthem” by the name of “Skimask.” Well, it’s here, and Lean’s description could not be more accurate.

Where “Red Bottom Sky” went out of the way to avoid confrontation, “Skimask” is the polar opposite. The arrangement features an off-kilter synth arpeggio, as Lean sets things off with his opening bars “I got lots of swag and I be feeling her, walk up in the bank like John Dillinger.”

It’s clear that Lean isn’t playing on this one, and the GUD produced beat goes hard as hell. 808s and skittering hi-hats keep the affair grounded in a trap zone, and Lean’s hypnotic voice delivers line after line of swagged out quotables.

“Skimask” proves that Lean can still craft a banger, and between this, “Hunting My Own Skin,” and “Red Bottom Sky,” Lean may very well have a sleeper hit on his hands. I’ve been a big fan of his recent singles, and it seems as if he’s returning to the fold with a clear sense of artistic focus.

If you’ve written off Lean in the past, this might be the time to open your mind, as the international star is dropping some quality music.

What do ya’ll think of this “dark evil club anthem?” Sound off below, and stay tuned for Stranger, dropping November 10th.

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